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AdeliaAs a founder of Aires, a wonderful team and I have prepared with great enthusiasm, I take this section to introduce myself, and explain in a few lines the reason why I am here with you.

I love fashion and everything it entails, and that’s why I decided to create this blog, to show what I love, grow and learn as a blogger.

Closely linked to the real estate world after the race, fashion and tourism, did not stop prowling around my head. Certainly, these three pillars, Fashion, Tourism, and Investment were part of my life, until one day, these first two, knocked on my door. It is here that I realised that I could not only make my dreams come true but to share with you something that I call: Lifestyle.

In this space, there will be trips, trends, gastronomy, plans and a little art! Where fashion and you, you will be the protagonists.

I think the phrase “student of everything, teacher of nothing” can apply to my way of feeling and thinking. I am an impulsive, restless and dreamy person. I like animals, nature, mountains, sun, risk and sweets.

This blog is not made to show my new acquisitions, but combinations that serve you to inspire you. I hope you enjoy my blog and hopefully inspire you because this blog was made to give you some ideas. So, please subscribe to my blog and my social networks. Don’t hesitate to send me some emails about ideas that we can share together in this blog.