How to Clean Shaggy Rugs by Yourself

How to Clean Shaggy Rugs by Yourself

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A shaggy rug made from a long or deep stack, as well as it has a thick, unkempt look. It is suitable for a wide variety of functions, consisting of lounge spaces, rooms as well as kids’ areas. Shaggy rugs were popular in the 1970s, yet they have made a comeback, as well as numerous families, are selecting to include them right into their residences, due to their unique design as well as outstanding attributes.

Did you know what else popular in 1970? Asbestos! This material was very popular because it cheap, sturdy and resistant to fire, so many people use it as house material. But, after all those years, people realise that asbestos can be harmful to people health. It is important to be able to identify asbestos in your home if you have the resource. You can check our article about how to identify asbestos.

how to clean shaggy rug by yourself
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Advantages of Shaggy Rug


If you are looking to purchase a shaggy carpet, you have most likely felt the convenience of one in the past. When you stroll over a shaggy rug you always intend to dig your feet into it, appreciate the appearances and the fibres, as well as pleasure in the softness that it gives.

A shaggy carpet is for residing on. It is best for positioning under a lounge suit where it will hang on it for an extended amount of times. A shaggy rug is likewise fantastic for lying around on, as well as feeling the convenience over your entire body. If your family like sitting down on the floor at a coffee table, kicking back in front of the tv or extending just because there will be nothing much better than a shaggy rug for your residence. You will find on your sneaking off the sofa and also relaxing on the floor– merely as a result of the comfort that the shaggy rug provides.


Prepare for the winter season with a shaggy rug. You entire area will be warmer with a shaggy carpet on the flooring, especially if you have floorboards or floor tiles that are chilly. A shaggy rug will cover them and also supply a fantastic warm appearance to dig your feet right into it. Make your house a warm, comfy and even an enticing place to be. A shaggy rug will make all the difference!

Sound decrease

Did you become aware that a shaggy rug will minimise sound? As opposed to stomping noises, you will barely hear anything, as people’s feet will penetrate the carpet. It will function as insulation, as well as make your house a quieter, calmer and a new relaxing location to be. If you have significant family members, a shaggy carpet will undoubtedly be fantastic for getting a little a lot more tranquillity.

The joy of woollen

A shaggy rug can be made from numerous materials. One of the products that is one of the most preferred and attracting is woollen. This natural product has many favourable properties, including lowered allergies and added warmth since it helps to retain heat. Wool is elegant, high in top quality and ideal for the residential setting. Your whole family members will appreciate the look, really feel and also benefits of a shaggy woollen rug.

Disadvantages of Shaggy Rug

Cost and also Upkeep Price

Shag carpet and also carpet pieces can get expensive, considering that they are more costly to produce than some thinner types of floor covering. If you intend to maintain them in excellent condition, there can be even more cost involved in consistently cleaning these setups.

Shedding or Unraveling

Some shag carpets can decipher with time, leaving smidgens of rug around the space. Pets can “consume” a mat, which ruins the floor covering as well as presents a wellness risk to the animals. Tiny stuff can also obtain shed in the shaggy fronds, which can be an unpleasant situation.


Shag rugs can be much more at risk to stains since their long fibres are usually more challenging to tidy. Have you spilled a glass of wine around your beige shag? Ignore a simple repair. It’s hard sufficient including whitening agents or other remedies to a short-fibre rug, but with shag, there’s that much more to go into for obtaining tough discolourations out for good. At least fucked carpets can be changed; however the discolouration issue is still a major one for shoppers checking out best floor covering options.

Allergic reactions

For some individuals with allergies, shag is a weak suggestion. That’s since the “forest” of fibres will capture extra dust, dander and also particles, making interior air quality that much even worse for residents who are allergic to pets, plants, or perhaps just allergen.

How to Clean a Shaggy

Shaggy rugs have a long, drooping heap, which is fantastic fun to rest on, yet a little challenging to clean. If you’re wondering how to clean shag carpet fibres cheaply, don’t stress: they’re likewise possible to clean in the house, as long as you take lovely treatment. Just be sure to inspect your carpet care tags first.

  1. Take your carpet outdoors and also get rid of any loose dust.
  2. Vacuum cleaner your rug meticulously. Examine your vacuum’s “High Heap” rug setup, to see if that does not suck up the rug strings. Or else, use an upholstery accessory to vacuum between the rows of thread on your rug gently.
  3. You can use a dry rug hair shampoo, which generally comes in powder type. Spray this on, and also comply with the shampoo directions. This ought to include functioning the shampoo right into the rug, waiting for an hour or two, as well as delicately vacuuming up the granules.
  4. Soak and swish the rug in this remedy for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Then squeeze out the suds and also wash thoroughly in chilly water.
  6. Squeeze and absorb any excess water, as well as lay the carpet out to air dry in a shaded area. Straight sunlight will cause the colours of your rug to fade.


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